Studio Etiquette

Before Practice:

  • Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the class starts.  We need class to start on time so it can end on time. If it’s your first time you will need to fill out a registration form so please allow another 5-10 minutes to allow time for that. Alternatively, you can download the Registration Form, and bring it along with you.
  • Register for class by providing your membership card for scanning at reception
  • Ensure your mobile is turned off and left outside the Yoga Room
  • Make sure you’re well hydrated before the class
  • Practice on an empty stomach. Allow a few hours between your meals and your practice.  If you feel you must eat before practice, keep it light. The more regularly you practice, the more you will innately know the best diet plan for your body.
  • Have clean feet
  • Please come fragrance free – wear deodorants labeled “fragrance free” or “perfume free”

During Practice:

  • The Yoga Room is our sanctuary. Set up your mat quietly and please, no talking in the room.
  • Everybody must be able to see themselves in the mirror. Never set up your mat directly in front of or behind someone’s mat.
  • Please try to remain in the room for 90 minutes.  If you do have to leave, leave between postures and re-enter between postures.  This should only be in an emergency.
  • Listen carefully to the instructor, they are giving you all the information you need to ensure you get 100% benefit from your very first class.
  • Only take water into the room with you
  • Conserve your energy by being still between postures
  • Build concentration, focus on yourself in the mirror

After Practice:

  • Remain in the room until the instructor has left
  • Remain silent until you’re outside the yoga room
  • Leave quietly and considerately
  • Place hired towels in the laundry basket provided in the change rooms
  • Hang hired mats on the mat rack for cleaning and drying
  • Please limit showers to 5 minutes,
  • Enjoy that incredible feeling of well being you now have –  you deserve it !

See you in 24 hours!