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Sandeep – October 2014
What started as a 10 day trial, today has ended in 200 classes in 200 days. Prior to starting Bikram Yoga I would have to get a back massage every month, as the pain would be unbearable. Once I started I realized I didn’t need the massage and I felt better and then this journey begun.

Through this journey I have had enormous support and guidance from the amazing instructors at the studio and not forgetting the fellow yogis. I feel great and the best part is, I have NO back pain. I wish I could say I do all the postures correctly, but hey, I am much better than what I was when I started.

If I can do this, anyone can. You just have to tell your mind that you can do this and you will. Namaste

Lyn – August 2014 – Another 30 Day Challenge completed.

My thanks to the Bikram Yoga Kingston teachers – Ally, Chat, Zoe, Ali W, Lauren, and Gill for their enthusiasm and encouragement during these challenging August classes.

I also thank them and the other teachers that I have been fortunate to have at BYK, since I started practicing about 18 months ago, especially Kate, Amrei and Fiun, who have shared their passion and knowledge, good humour and friendship, leading me to what I am sure is now a lifelong love of this yoga style. I should also extend that to all my fellow practitioners at the studio – what wonderful kindred spirits!

There is no doubt that Bikram Yoga has changed my life in very many positive ways – body, mind, spirit and more. It is an ongoing journey with continuing challenges and rewards. I just wish I had had an opportunity to start in my 20s rather than my 50s, but as Bikram says, ‘you’re never too old, never too bad, never too late and never too sick to start from the scratch once again’. So whatever your current physical condition, come along and give it a try (and more than just once) or come back if you’ve been missing classes for a while. You too will reap the many benefits. The BYK studio has excellent facilities, a great vibe and is a very welcoming and supportive environment, and it’s hot, just the way we like it.

July 2013
I decided early this year that 2013 was going to be about really looking after myself. I used to be a keen runner but back problems have meant that I had to stop and while I tried to keep fit with other forms of exercise nothing was really hitting the mark. I’ve experienced the real benefits of meditation and yoga in the past so finding a good yoga studio was high on my to do list. I started attending Bikram classes at Kingston in March. I cannot express how grateful I am to have found this practice, this studio, and these teachers. I am feeling stronger, fitter, healthier – physically, mentally, and spiritually than I think I have ever been. I think the most profound and unexpected gift has been that I now seem to naturally make healthier choices for myself – in every way. It’s like an inner strength develops that gently keeps bringing you back on course, guiding you in the right direction so that you are slowly but surely honing this increasingly healthy mind and body. I think the patience and commitment and connectedness required in the classes starts to become a way of being – both in and out of the studio.
I had a very big surprise this week when my daughter took some ‘after’ photos of me (we took ‘befores’ when I started). I decided to do this to see if at 46 you really can make a difference to your body shape and condition… anyone my age will know it’s near impossible to shift even a kilo once you’re past 40!? So the first one’s taken in March, then July. In that time I did 84 Bikram classes, including a 30 day challenge in June. I also changed my diet during the 30 day challenge so I’m sure that has helped a lot too. I did a 4 day fruit/veg juice cleanse with Erika (one of the teachers) and felt so good that I decided to stay off dairy and keep eating lots of fruit during the day, and mainly veg (80% raw) at night for my main meal. So I think this combo of Bikram, clean eating and lots of water has really worked. The best thing is that believe it or not it’s all been so easy (and I really used to love my cheese!). I think the bikram made the diet changes painless because you become more attuned to how your body responds to food, rest, exercise. Anyway, here are the pics – I wouldn’t normally do something like this (hence anonymous), but I just want to share if it encourages anyone else to give it a go. You’ll never regret it!

bikram yoga - before and after picsbikram yoga - before and after pics

Rebekah – July 2013
As I reflect on my last few months of Bikram yoga, now that I’ve completed a 60 day challenge, my thoughts turn to the time when I first signed up for classes at your studio, and a 30 day challenge. Having done very little yoga, and with only one Bikram yoga class up my sleeve, I was nervous! My first class felt like I was going to die. The heat was unrelenting, so much so that each savasana felt like I was literally starting to boil in my own sweat. Any relaxation throughout the class was impossible, although I felt phenomenal when the class was over.
Day 2 of the challenge, which was my third class ever of Bikram yoga, I was beginning to seriously doubt my ability to survive 30 days of this. But your teaching, passion for Bikram yoga, support, enthusiasm and encouragement helped me push on, all the while improving my focus.

Six months on, I’ve:
· started to acclimatise to the heat,
· gained flexibility that I never, ever thought I would have,
· improved my ability to focus, as well as my overall attitude, which means I’m happier overall, and
· met amazing people like yourself and other yogis (who are so encouraging and wonderful in their own rights).

So right now, I have so much gratitude for being lucky enough to have met someone like you, the other teachers and other yogis. I feel truly blessed and am loving this Bikram yoga journey that I’m on! So keep doing what you’re doing because it’s brilliant!

David H, June 2013
Hi, I’m 28 years old, I have only been doing Bikram Yoga for 5-6 months now, it helps me in general with life (work, social/amateur soccer and cross fit) and I see it as something that I will do till forever or my legs fall off. From it I feel more tolerant and calm, also feeling my balance and flexibility improve. About a month ago I was having one of those days at work, I had a circle of problems/issues running through my mind and I walked off with my 2 drink bottles (I have 2 so I do not have to fill up so often) to get water from the kitchen, a member from a different team commented on my having 2 drink bottles, so I explained as previously mentioned and also that I keep hydrated for the afternoons yoga session, and in doing so was like flicking a switch, I came out of my frustrated state and had a slight smile on my face. I could talk more but I won’t, lastly I just want to say thanks to the previous, current and future Bikram Yoga instructors. Cheers.

Maria, May 2013
I started going to Bikram Yoga Kingston 4 months ago (feb 2013). I’d done power yoga before, but not for a long time, and was actually pretty nervous when I went to the first class. I’d heard that it was really hard, and I have back issues so wasn’t sure if it was going to be for right me or not. The first class was tough as I wasn’t used to the heat and you don’t know what’s coming from one posture to the next. The 2nd half of the class is all on the floor which is great, and there are breaks between every posture which is so nice! I felt so good at the end of that first class that I decided to do a second, and needless to say something has kept me going. Quite a few things actually… Here’s a list!

- I have next to zero back pain as long as I’m practicing regularly. I have scoliosis, arthritis in my lumbar and thoracic spine, a bulging disc and degenerative disc disease. I’ve been on and off medication for the last 10 years, and have tried all manner of exercise regimes to manage my back but nothing has helped like Bikram. I’ve been medication free since I started. This is huge! I have been told a number of times in the last few years that I was going to need spinal surgery – I wouldn’t even consider it now. I think the strength and flexibility that you gain, the hot room which loosens your muscles and helps you sweat out toxins, and the tried and tested teaching techniques are just such a good combination for the body in so many ways.
- I’ve lost weight and am eating much better. I didn’t make a decision to change my eating habits and lifestyle but it just seems to have come naturally with wanting to do what will best support my practice.
- I drink more water – a lot more! :)
- I’m sleeping better, am more relaxed and cope with work and stressful times much better.
- I don’t have to force myself to go. Be warned there’s something very addictive about Bikram! Nothing has ever got me out of bed for a 6am class. Especially during winter in Canberra!!

Right now I actually can’t imagine bikram not being part of my life and I look forward to seeing where it takes me. I have found nothing so healing & nurturing & it’s one hell of a workout to boot! I would encourage anyone to give it a go, get to that 2nd, 3rd and 4th class – you will start to see benefits and improvements quicker than you think. If you have any niggles or injuries just talk to the teachers and go easy on yourself. Thanks to Ally and Erika (miss you!) and all the staff at Bikram Kingston for making it such a warm and supportive place for us all.

John M, May 2013
I came to Bikram Yoga on the recommendation of a friend. I had been struggling with injuries from running and cycling for a number of years and was making the usual trips to physio’s, masseuse, you name it I tried it, and while I did improve, a long term fix always seemed to elude me. So Bikram, I’ve been at it for about 2 months now and I’ve seen a general improvement in not only my flexibility and strength, but my all round health. It’s not easy, but it is a great workout, and I have better mobility and reach on the bike and my running is more about moving forward and not about fighting tight muscles. There are still some postures which I can’t make but I’m keen to get there and the challenge is my own. The folk at Bikram Kingston are fantastic, facilities are good and the whole feel is welcoming and understanding.

If you would like to share your Bikram experience please email us your testimonial. Thanks!