Bikram Yoga

Bikram yoga is a style of hatha (physical) yoga performed in a heated environment (40 deg C, 40% humidity). The sequence is comprised of beginner's postures designed to engage the whole body whilst being accessible to even those with no yoga experience. Although the sequence remains the same, slowly, you start to notice that YOU change. The tropical environment can be challenging, but it also offers the opportunity to open and strengthen both the body and mind. Exercising in the heat 

Life is a beautiful and often challenging landscape of peaks, valleys and plateaus. Hatha yoga, the physical branch of yoga practice, is a beautifully simple system that helps individuals build physical, mental and emotional awareness and resilience so that they are better equipped to cope with and ENJOY the landscape of life!



I was thinking instead of the postures listed we could do a time lapse video of a class to show them

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