We offer three hot yoga classes: Beginner's Bikram yoga (90-mins and 45-mins) and Intermediate yoga (90-mins).
Although there is the option to book, no bookings are required. Just show up!
Doors open 30 minutes before all class times except for 7.30pm (15 mins) and are locked once class starts - please arrive early.
Sometimes our schedule changes. Please wait for the live schedule to load below or check here for the most up-to-date schedule.

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A private class allows you to work with individual injuries, obstacles or goals, or to bring in a group of people for a group private session.

Bikram Yoga Kingston Canberra private class

Here are some of the reasons to do a private class:

  • Extra attention to detail to maximise benefit and safety in the postures
  • Working with an injury or disability
  • Women's or men's only class
  • Learn the pregnancy series
  • Sports team off-season training
  • Team building/stress reduction for your work group
  • School excursion for your class (modified heat and duration to suit the age group)

Prices vary, depending on the number of people attending and duration of the class.
Please inquire via: or 0418 408 266 for more details.

Check out our testimonials in our Library to read what others have to say about doing a private class.

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