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“I had always struggled to find a form of exercise that I genuinely enjoyed, let alone one that I could commit to. I’d been walking past the Bikram Yoga sign in Kingston for years – and one day I decided to sign up for the 10 day introductory pass. I never looked back. Recently, I clocked up my 200th class. Now I’m aiming for 300. For years I’ve suffered stiff joints in my hands, knees and ankles, due to the onset of rheumatoid arthritis – Canberra’s cold winter temps are especially hard. However, I’ve found the heat of the studio has really helped me manage my condition. My balance, my flexibility and core strength has improved dramatically. My joints aren’t as stiff. I’m sleeping better, and I’ve noticed a considerable improvement in my hair and skin. The best thing though, is the stress relief: being able to let all your worries go for that 90 minute class. And coming out of that class feeling calm, refreshed and ready to take on any challenge.”

- Gemma, 2016

I saw my doctor last week. As they do when you are middle-aged, she checked my blood pressure. “You have the blood pressure of an 18 year-old” she said. “Lot’s of yoga” I said. Unfortunately, she didn’t ask what kind, but if she had, I would have said “Bikram yoga”.  There are many reasons why I like the Bikram yoga. It cleans my systems, smooths my movement, flexes my spine in all dimensions, improves my awareness, strengthens my will and just helps me feel really good.  I practised classical Iyengar yoga regularly for 9 years prior to taking up Bikram, and I can say that Bikram is real yoga.  It is so much more than a workout.  As for Bikram Yoga Kingston, I have been coming here for well over 3 years now and I like it, it’s a good place to learn yoga.

- Mark L, 2016


Another 30 Day Challenge completed.  My thanks to the Bikram Yoga Kingston teachers - Ally, Chat, Zoe, Ali W, Lauren, and Gill for their enthusiasm and encouragement during these challenging August classes.  I also thank them and the other teachers that I have been fortunate to have at BYK, since I started practicing about 18 months ago, especially Kate, Amrei and Fiun, who have shared their passion and knowledge, good humour and friendship, leading me to what I am sure is now a lifelong love of this yoga style.  I should also extend that to all my fellow practitioners at the studio – what wonderful kindred spirits!  There is no doubt that Bikram Yoga has changed my life in very many positive ways – body, mind, spirit and more.  It is an ongoing journey with continuing challenges and rewards.  I just wish I had had an opportunity to start in my 20s rather than my 50s, but as Bikram says, ‘you’re never too old, never too bad, never too late and never too sick to start from the scratch once again’.  So whatever your current physical condition, come along and give it a try (and more than just once) or come back if you’ve been missing classes for a while.  You too will reap the many benefits.  The BYK studio has excellent facilities, a great vibe and is a very welcoming and supportive environment, and it’s hot, just the way we like it.

- Lyn, 2014

After three months of attending Bikram Yoga Kingston, I felt I needed a bit of guidance on how to achieve posses while managing several injuries.  I decided to commit to four private lessons with Zoe.  Initially, Zoe spent time to understand my injuries and listened to what I was having difficulties with.  From there we spent the next four sessions going through each pose where she demonstrated and assisted me with alternative positions.  The four one on one sessions made a huge difference to my classes.  I felt I was able to participate more and felt more confident to push myself further.  I would highly recommend a private class to everybody.  Whether you have been practicing for a month or several years, the benefits of having somebody watching you to tweak your postures and to give you alternatives if managing an injury is incredible.  I found Zoe to be caring, attentive and supportive throughout all of my classes.  Without her, I don’t believe I would be getting the full benefits which Bikram yoga has to offer.

- Cherisa, 2016

Recently having gone through an 8-week challenge with my members, one of the universal positive takeaways was the experience we had with Zoe at Bikram Yoga Kingston.  I asked Zoe early on if we could arrange a private class for our challengers to partake in for a social activity and she was more than happy to help out.  From the get go it was very professional dealing with her.  Zoe sent through forms, what to bring and how to properly prepare for the day. It meant on the day of the actual event that it ran like clockwork and was very efficient.  A few of the staff and a couple of members had done it before and they couldn’t speak highly enough of their past experiences.  So we booked our challengers in for near the end of the challenge and it was one of the things they were most excited to try.  It was a fantastic session that really did cater for people of all different ages, fitness levels and experiences, as we had it all in our group. It was fun, challenging and man do you work up a sweat in a short amount of time.  I have horrible flexibility and balance and there was a bit that I couldn’t do, but Zoe was on the ball with regressions and positive feedback no matter what stage you were at.  I felt fantastic leaving, my mind was clear and felt in touch with every muscle in my body.  I’ve been hanging to go back and couldn’t be happier we have another challenge coming up, because that means we have booked another session in with Zoe in the not too distant future.  I would recommend it to anyone and everyone to give it a go, you may surprise yourself.

- Dylan Swan, Anytime Fitness, 2016

I've been doing bikram yoga for about 3 months now.  I remember before my first class I was really nervous.  I've never been really good with handling heat and doing yoga in humidity just scared me.  I told Zoe (owner of the studio) that I'm just concerned about passing out!  She gave me a lot of confidence and most of all asked me to take it easy in my first class.  To my surprise I really didn't pass out but rather powered through the class!  It was truly an exhilarating experience!  What I love about Bikram Yoga Kingston is that all the instructors give a very personal service to each student even if they've been doing yoga for a long time.  I also find it amazing that they remember each persons name!  The other greatest thing about Bikram is that you can go at your own pace and no one will judge or watch you.  But I think that's because everyone is focused on staying awake ;)  Overall I love doing bikram and I look forward to continuing it over the years :)  Thank you for changing my life Bikram Yoga Kingston!

- Priya, 2016

I took up running in my late 30's.  I had a coach.  I did everything right, stretched, warmed up and cooled down.  During my first race I pulled my calf muscle very badly.  It took 6 weeks to repair.  My friend suggested I go to Bikram yoga because she thought the heat might help with my muscles.  I have been practicing bikram now for nearly 3 years and in this time I haven't had another running injury.  In fact my running has improved, as has my mind.  I am better in tune with my body and how I feel and when something isn't quite right.  It has also helped me to calm my mind and focus on the really important things.  I am also now better able to control when I feel tense or stressed.

- Karen, 2017

What started as a 10 day trial, today has ended in 200 classes in 200 days. Prior to starting Bikram Yoga I would have to get a back massage every month, as the pain would be unbearable. Once I started I realized I didn’t need the massage and I felt better and then this journey begun. Through this journey I have had enormous support and guidance from the amazing instructors at the studio and not forgetting the fellow yogis. I feel great and the best part is, I have NO back pain. I wish I could say I do all the postures correctly, but hey, I am much better than what I was when I started. If I can do this, anyone can. You just have to tell your mind that you can do this and you will. Namaste.

- Sandeep, 2014

As I reflect on my last few months of Bikram yoga, now that I’ve completed a 60 day challenge, my thoughts turn to the time when I first signed up for classes at your studio, and a 30 day challenge. Having done very little yoga, and with only one Bikram yoga class up my sleeve, I was nervous! My first class felt like I was going to die. The heat was unrelenting, so much so that each savasana felt like I was literally starting to boil in my own sweat. Any relaxation throughout the class was impossible, although I felt phenomenal when the class was over.
Day 2 of the challenge, which was my third class ever of Bikram yoga, I was beginning to seriously doubt my ability to survive 30 days of this. But your teaching, passion for Bikram yoga, support, enthusiasm and encouragement helped me push on, all the while improving my focus.

Six months on, I’ve:
· started to acclimatise to the heat,
· gained flexibility that I never, ever thought I would have,
· improved my ability to focus, as well as my overall attitude, which means I’m happier overall, and
· met amazing people like yourself and other yogis (who are so encouraging and wonderful in their own rights).

So right now, I have so much gratitude for being lucky enough to have met someone like you, the other teachers and other yogis. I feel truly blessed and am loving this Bikram yoga journey that I’m on! So keep doing what you’re doing because it’s brilliant!

- Rabekah, 2013


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COVID-19 Updates

***Please stay tuned for ongoing updates about studio policies and class schedule***

May 29th, 2020

Studio Update post Covid-19

To our BYK community,
It is with great sadness that we, Zoe and Chat, have decided not to reopen the Bikram Yoga Kingston studio. Online classes will continue until June 30, 2020. We realise that this may come as a shock and may be disappointing news for you. We wish for you to know that this decision, like most of our business decisions, has not been made without significant consideration for you, our community.
Between raising young families and everything that is “small business” this year was always going to be a challenge for us. However, the unexpected short and long term challenges that Covid-19 now presents have made it near impossible for us to provide what we know is necessary to keep going in a way that serves our students, our teachers and our own families, both financially and emotionally.
Many of you have active memberships with us that have been paid for upfront (e.g. annual pass, 10-class pass). We are incredibly fortunate to be able to say that these memberships, if active on 23/3/2020, will be honoured at Bikram Yoga Canberra (BYC, located in Mitchell) from July 1, 2020. Memberships that were not used for online classes will have an extended expiry date. Please stay tuned for a separate email at a later date regarding this transition. If your monthly or fortnightly membership is suspended right now, it will not be reactivated and the contract with us will be voided. Please consider starting a new membership with BYC from July 1 to continue your practice.
BYC, the first Bikram yoga studio to open in Canberra, holds special memories for both of us! We have continued to work closely with now owners, Tracy and Gill, to grow our collective Bikram yoga community in Canberra and business aside, this next chapter is in many ways an extension of this ongoing collaboration. You will be welcomed into the BYC community with compassion, dedication and integrity. Thank you, Tracy and Gill!
Although the physical space that is currently BYK will no longer be, we urge you to continue your yoga practice with BYC in order to stay healthy and grounded and to support Canberra small business. We would love nothing more than to roll out our own mats at BYC and see you standing next to us in class. We want to stress that we believe as strongly as ever that the combination of movement, breath and relaxation, what we call yoga, is imperative for health and well-being. The decision to cease trading does not reflect our love for and belief in yoga, Bikram yoga, movement, exercise and meditation in any way!
Finally, we wish to thank you for what has been an amazing time in our lives. It has been a privilege to be there with you as you’ve delved into your yoga practice whether you’ve just started or you’re a long term practitioner. Our purpose was to hold the space anyone who walked through our doors to experience a more connected and self-aware experience whilst maintaining optimal health and well-being. Thank you for trusting us to grow with you.
We are thankful for your understanding, now and always, and for your commitment to yourself through your yoga practice.
Love and gratitude, Zoe and Chat xx


March 22, 2020

***Studio closed until further notice due to COVID-19***

To our BYK community,

We hope that you and your loved ones are taking care and keeping well during this challenging and uncertain time.

As you may have already heard, the ACT has just announced for the upcoming cessation of all 'non-essential' services. In line with this announcement, we have made the decision to close the studio until further notice, effective immediately.

We expect that for most of you this news does not come completely unexpected. Nonetheless it is potentially distressing for some staff and students. Our highest priority goal is to be as supportive as possible during these upcoming weeks (and months?) to the best of our abilities. The support we have received so far from you, our members, has been overwhelmingly positive and very much appreciated. Thank you!

The details of how we move forward with you all during this time are still being ironed out. We want to also assure you that we recognise the value of your memberships with us. To this end, we have been preparing to launch live classes online (using Zoom) for your home practice. Although there will likely hiccups (but mostly joys!) with the online experience, early feedback through initial testing has been positive. We can't wait to bring this to you starting from 5:45pm class tomorrow. Stay tuned for the ongoing online schedule.

*First online class*

If you wish to join for the first 90-min live stream class tomorrow at 5:45pm, you will need to book in for class so that the link can be shared with you. You must book at least 30 mins before class starts. The best way to do this is via the online student portal (  ahead of time, especially if you haven't yet used our online booking platform. If you have any trouble, please SMS/call (0418 408 266) or email (

Tomorrow's class will be free and Zoe will teach from behind the computer. To prepare yourself, find a space at home where you will be undisturbed for 90-mins. Add heat if you wish to (e.g. space heater) or practice without it. Your body will likely feel different without the studio heat so adjust your expectations for your range of motion in a cooler body, don't push yourself as you navigate the new conditions, and know that it is still very beneficial to move your body and your mind through the sequence without the heat. Further, know that your yoga practice has prepared you for this very moment - you are resilient!

Please stay tuned for further updates about continuing your yoga practice at this time when it is most needed!

Love, good health and gratitude for you all,

Zoe & Chat


March 13, 2020

Keeping Our Studio & Community Safe

To our BYK community, 

As we are all aware, the cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) continue to grow in Australia, affecting our most vulnerable population groups, and we wish to take this opportunity to let you know what we are doing to keep our studio as safe as possible.

Ultimately, we wish to strike the balance between caution and calm.

We are currently taking the following steps: 

  • More regular cleaning of common surfaces with disinfectant (door handles, bathrooms, benches) 
  • More regular emptying of bathroom and main bins 
  • Tissues provided in more locations throughout the studio and in the yoga room 
  • Extra bin provided in the yoga room for used tissues 
  • Extra hand sanitisers will be placed throughout the studio 
  • Reorganisation of mat storage area to allow space between every mat (N.B. This protocol may change) 
  • Continuation of soap provided at basins and in showers 
  • Continuation of no hands-on corrections in class (or outside of class) 
  • Continuation of disinfecting rental mats after every use 
  • Continuation of staff education on best practices to keep each other and our members safe 

We also wish to encourage the continuity of general hygiene practices at the studio by everyone who comes to practice with us: 

  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds 
    • Please wash your hands upon arrival at the studio and before you depart 
  • Sneeze/cough directly into tissues or your elbow 
  • Refrain from directly touching your mouth, nose, eyes
  • In all areas of the studio, place used tissues directly into the bin after use. Please do not leave used tissues on the floor of the yoga room at any time. 
  • If you have traveled internationally recently or have been in contact with someone who has, please monitor your health with extra precaution and seek advice from your GP if you develop cold and flu like symptoms. Please stay home if you are in doubt and seek usual medical care. We’ll see you when you’re well again! 
  • Avoid close physical contact with other students and teachers (swap handshakes and hugs for waves and air high fives!) 
  • We strongly recommend that you bring your own mat and towel (and of course water bottle) to and from class. This includes those that are currently using our mat storage area. (N.B. This protocol may change.) 
  • If you wish to practice at home whilst taking a break, please email and we will share a class recording with you to practice to. 
  • Maintain healthy, immune-boosting habits you already are accustomed to (for example, stress management and good rest/sleep habits). 

We will stay up to date with government recommendations and update you on new best practices when that becomes necessary. We appreciate your cooperation, support and understanding! If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out. 

Thank you and see you soon,

Zoe and the BYK team 












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